Where The Action Is !

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July 5, 2021
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July 7, 2021

By the summer of 1965, Dick Clark had relocated his ‘American Bandstandshow to the west coast, and exhibiting warmth of California sunshine and the beach, with his new afternoon TV series, ‘Where The Action Is!” Featuring hosts Linda Scott and Steve Alaimo. It became a hit with teenagers, and who could forget the catchy theme song sung by Freddy Cannon, along with dancers known as ‘The Action Kids.’ Foremost, were Paul Revere & The Raiders, who were the resident house act, (which helped immensely to catapult their rise to success), along with other regulars Keith Allison, The Hardtimes,Laura Nyro, etc. The show which ran for two years (1965-67), boasting many top artists ranging from The Outsiders, The Byrds, to James Brown, all lip-syncing their current hit records. It was purely one hour of upbeat fun. As Freddy Cannon would remind us in song, “… it’s so neat to meet your baby where the action is!”

Let’s revisit an episode of “Where The Action Is,” from August 11,1966