The Ventures – always instrumentally yours

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July 12, 2021
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July 14, 2021

If you had to single out one of the most influential instrumental acts of all time, only one band comes to mind, THE VENTURES. It was 1960, when they put their stamp on a song called “Walk, Don’t Run!’ written, and originally done by Johnny Smith. Their unique ‘sound,’ branding guitars to serenade us with melody lines, and a partnership with the Mosrite company, made the band a household word, so much… that during the decade of the 60’s, whenever a new instrumental record hit the airwaves, people would automatically assume it was by …The Ventures. Their popularity soared with album sales, totaling  over 170 releases, of studio, live, compilation albums, and over 150 single releases. Their 1969 version of “Hawaii Five-0,” was not only a hit single, but was featured as theme song of the hit TV series.