The Cowsills – family, fame & beyond

Rockin’ The Airwaves of WLS Radio – 1965
May 3, 2021
Drummer of the hits – Hal Blaine
May 3, 2021

Family Band: The Cowsills Story, a documentary that was released in 2013, and more recently has been streaming on Amazon Prime, is certainly a story of great proportion, and a highly entertaining flick to watch, for anyone who grew up in the mid to late 60s, and enjoys the ‘sunshine pop’ music of that period. The storyline is told in first hand accounts by the members of the act, as they were a family unit, extremely talented, and enjoyed a high degree of success from 1965-1969. The idea to become a musical group, was incorporated by their father Bud Cowsill, who was as much responsible for their rise to fame, as he was for the falling of their career. 

An intimidating, strict disciplinarian, who’s alcoholism got in the way of business dealings, and mismanaged funds, Bud created a dysfunctional family internally. A very poignant story as tragedy enters, with sibling Barry passing away following the wrath of Hurricane Katrina, and brother Bill, who dies shortly after. In recent years, the remaining members Bob, Paul, Susan and John have continued to do various reunion shows, in addition to their own solo projects. Since 2008, John also has been a regular touring drummer with The Beach Boys.