Scepter Records – meet Florence Greenburg

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May 24, 2021
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May 24, 2021

In the early days of rock and roll, it was a man’s world of movers and shakers in the record business, until the emergence of Florence Greenburg who founded a record label, Scepter Records. In 1957 her daughter had a singing group of friends, known as The Poquellos, and Florence took a shine to the gals, changed their name to The Shirelles, and recorded “I Met him On a Sunday,” released on Greenburg’s Tiara label, (later leased to Decca Records).

Finally in 1959, Florence launched Scepter Records, and during the next decade, the label would boast such artists as The Shirelles, B.J. Thomas, Dionne Warwick, Tommy Hunt, etc,  A subsidiary label, Wand Records was also established, featuring The Isley Brothers, Chuck Jackson, Maxine Brown, and a legion of others. In 1970, I had the opportunity to attend a recording session at the famed Scepter Studios at 254 W. 54th St. in New York City, and watch engineer / producer Michael Wright in action, (who also produced the 1970 hit “Sweet Mary” by Wadsworth Mansion). Quite a legacy Florence Greenburg created, and contribution to the musical soundtrack of our lives.