Remembering the heart & soul of Eugene Pitt

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July 1, 2021
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July 5, 2021

“But they must cry,cry,cry,.. their blues away..” Remembering the man who wrote those immortal lyrics, EUGENE PITT lead singer of THE JIVE FIVE, who passed on June 29, 2018, entering the gate of heavenly harmony at age 80. In 1961, the group burst on the scene with “My True Story,” on Beltone Records, during the final years of the true ‘doo-wop’ era leaving their mark on a number of classics, including my personal fave “What Time Is It?” Eugene’s voice had an unmistakable ‘plea’ in his delivery, great vocal inflections, and was admired not only by his fans, but his friends in the biz he shared the stage with. Another great voice from the soundtrack of our life, now gone silent. “…This story ends here, it was no lie, ” – Eugene Pitt (1961)