Press Release: The Nation’s Oldies Station

This Day In Music: Elton John 2/3/1973
February 3, 2021
On This Day 2/5/1957: Bill Haley
February 5, 2021

Beginning Wednesday February 3 rd , America’s favorite rock ‘n roll
music will be heard across all fifty states thanks to BOSS JOCK
RADIO.COM. The newly launched internet radio station has signed
familiar Boss Jock personalities, each with over 20-years of major
radio market experience, to bring their unique memories and style to
the digital airwaves.

Boss Jock Radio partners, Bill Culp and Ken Schaffer, both
on-air radio personalities at traditional FM stations with
accompanying audio streams, secured the domain name BOSS
JOCK RADIO.COM 11-years ago and waited for the right time to
bring their commercial radio talents to the internet. 

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“Up to this point, long distant listeners on radio station streams were
not considered special,” Culp said. “They were just tagging along,
hearing the same local news and weather that local listeners heard.
Commercial broadcast stations saw their stream as a nuisance to
manage, not a real audience.”

The other alternative for internet listeners was to search for a station,
but what they found was that most internet broadcasts were run by
hobbyists, not making for a familiar listening experience.
“BOSS JOCK RADIO.COM has a full slate of real radio professionals,
every weekday and weekends, too,” continued Culp. “That’s what
makes us different. We are a real radio station dedicated to listeners
across the nation.”
Based on that knowledge, BOSS JOCK RADIO.COM – “THE
NATION’S OLDIES STATION” was born and the goal of creating an
internet radio station as good or better than any traditional AM or FM
was realized.
“Once the latest technology was in place, it was time to find Boss
Jocks who understood the music from 1955 to 1975…and it
happened,” said Schaffer. “Our Boss Jocks come from all over the
nation and London, England too.”
The BOSS JOCK RADIO.COM team of personalities includes:

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Charlie Mills (7am – 10 am ET / 4am – 7 am PT)
Broadcasting from ClearWater Beach, Florida
Philly Bill Culp (10 am – 1 pm ET / 7am – 10 am PT)
Broadcasting from Palm Beach, Florida 
Dick Fennesy (1 pm – 4 pm ET / 10 am – 1 pm PT)
Broadcasting from Wildwood, NJ “The Doo
Wop Capital of the World,”
Dennis John Cahill (4 pm – 7 pm ET / 1 pm – 4 pm PT)
Broadcasting from Nashville Tenn.  
Nicky G (7pm – 10 pm ET / 4pm – 7 pm PT)
Broadcasting from the Pine Barrens of Southern New Jersey
J. Patrick (10 pm – 1am ET / 7pm – 10 pm PT)
Broadcasting from Lancaster, Pa.  

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Uncle Bill Cain (8 am – 11 am ET / 5 am – 8 am PT)
Broadcasting from Atlantic City, NJ
Big Steve Kelly (11 am – 2 pm ET / 8 am – 11 am PT)
Broadcasting from Jackson, MS.
Mark Hanna (2 pm – 5 pm ET / 11 am – 2 pm PT)
Broadcasting from Philadelphia, PA
Ted Kelly (5 pm – 7 pm ET / 2 pm – 4 pm PT)
Broadcasting from Reno, NV

Dave the Rave (7 pm – 8 pm ET / 4 pm – 5 pm PT)
“Relics & Rarities”
Broadcasting from a Cavernous R&R Music Cave in Central, NJ
Cool Bobby B (8 pm – 11 pm ET / 5 pm – 8 pm PT)
“Doo Wop Stop”
Broadcasting from a Hermetically-Sealed Transmitter site
Somewhere in PA

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Ivory Blackwood (8 am – 11 am ET / 5 am – 8 am PT)
“Nice ‘n Easy Sinatra & Friends”
Broadcasting from Clearwater Beach, FL
Barry Kramer (11 am – 12:30 pm ET / 8 am – 9:30 am PT)
“Top 20 Countdown”
Broadcasting from the New Jersey Shore
Ken Brown (12:30 pm – 2 pm ET/9:30 am – 11 am PT)
Broadcasting from the Maryland Eastern Shore
Mark Hanna (2 pm – 5 pm ET / 11 am – 2 pm PT)
Broadcasting from Philadelphia Pa
Shaun Tilley (5 pm – 7 pm ET / 2 pm – 4 pm PT)
“UK Top 20 Countdown”
Broadcasting from London, England
Bobby Jay (7 pm – 9 pm ET / 4 pm – 6 pm PT)
“Greatest Soul Performances”
Broadcasting from Columbia, SC
Don Hurley (9 pm – 10 pm ET / 6 pm – 7 pm PT)
“Musical Memories”
Broadcasting from Atlantic City, NJ
Paul Troy The Good News of the Day

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As an historical note, the word “BOSS” in the title
Boss Jock Radio, was 1960’s American slang for something

fashionably attractive. The original Boss Radio station was
KHJ in Los Angeles. Radio programmers Bill Drake & Gene
Chennault modified a Top 40 format from one that was slow
and difficult to hear, into a fast-paced sound with energetic
Boss Jocks jumping in between the hit records.
It was a huge ratings success. 
This format quickly spread across America to
San Francisco, Philadelphia, Chicago, Detroit, New York
…and even to London England. It eventually hit smaller
radio markets across the nation where teens were all
listening to and loving Boss Radio with the Boss Jocks and
the Boss Chicks.
Soon there were Boss Cars and Boss Buses covering
their local areas, giving away cool prizes and being present at
every cool event. 
For more information contact: info@BOSSJOCKRADIO.COM
and be sure to listen on Wednesday February 3rd beginning
at10am ET, to kick-off “The Nation’s Oldies Station.”