Let’s salute – National Vinyl Record Day!

THE BEATLES – Apple To The Core
August 11, 2021
Jim Kale – b-day for Guess Who bassist
August 13, 2021

I’ll go ‘on the record’ here, as a serious record collector since 1961 (at age of four), it all started on Christmas day, with a record player and stack of 45s, and I never looked back. Collecting records, became a way of life for me, as my personal collection is currently a modest 25,000 singles, plus albums, 78’s and pop culture related items (encompassing two rooms – which are dubbed as ‘the vinyl vaults’).  It was more to me than just what I heard in those grooves. The information on those labels, the names of songwriters, producers, publishers, etc., it became the fuel, and thirst for me, as I would ponder “… what other records did this artist release,” then game on, to the never ending puzzle. There is something magical about dropping that needle on a 45, or reading the back liner notes of an album. Those are things that can’t be replaced, or felt with a download, MP3, or other modern day listening technology.

To those who have felt this joy, I applaud you, and to others…. on August 12, National Vinyl Record Day, embrace some of those records on a turntable, you’ll love it!