Guitars, Cadillacs, and Hank Garland

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June 8, 2021
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June 8, 2021

One of the most seasoned guitarists during the golden age of rock, who receives little recognition, was HANK GARLAND. Just listen to the twang on “Little Sister” by Elvis, or the charming licks of that perennial Christmas favorite, Bobby Helms “Jingle Bell Rock,” all signatures of Hank Garland. His claim to fame came with humble beginnings in country music in 1949 at age 18, with his hit “Sugarfoot Rag.” By the 1950’s he became one of the most in-demand session guitarists of rock & roll. And, by the early 1960’s, he had ventured successfully into the jazz field. In 2004, Garland passed on at the age of 74. An excellent bio pic entitled “Crazy,” based on the life of Hank Garland was released in 2007.

Listen to the incredible feel, and style of Hank Garland’s “Sugerfoot Rag”