Crazy Man Crazy – The Bill Haley Story

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May 24, 2021
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May 24, 2021

If there was one song that helped define the term ‘rock & roll,’ it was “Rock Around The Clock,” and the man who sang the song with much exhilaration when he recorded it in 1954, …. BILL HALEY. A complex individual, and career that catapulted after the release of a movie ‘The Blackboard Jungle,’ Haley was on a non -stop roller coaster ride that lasted a few years during the 1950s , hit records, international tours, a man who had it all, but a dark side dealing with alcoholism. Many books have been written about Bill Haley, and in more recent years, a look into his more private life, as told by son Bill Haley Jr (with Peter Benjaminson), who also has done a tremendous job keeping his father’s legacy alive, in his performances with a revitalized version of ‘Bill Haley’s Comets.’ Published by Backbeat books in 2019, this book is a must read for the true connoisseur of rock music.

Check out excerpt from the book: