Classics IV vs. Four Seasons

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May 18, 2021
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May 24, 2021

This week in May 1969, DENNIS YOST & CLASSICS IV, were moving up the Billboard Hot 100, with a brand new release on Imperial Records, entitled “Everyday With You Girl,” Their winning streak began in late 1967, garnering hits “Spooky,” and it’s follow up “Stormy.” But this act hailing from Jacksonville, Florida, actually netted their first national release in 1966, under the name ‘The Classics.’

The song “Pollyanna,” on Capitol Records, was a superb up-tempo song, featuring Dennis Yost on lead vocal, in which he uncannily sounded like Frankie Valli. Unfortunately, radio programmers weren’t ready for another Four Seasons soundalike, and the record ‘bubbled under the hot 100’ at #106. In 1987, I had the pleasure to emcee a show with Dennis Yost, in which he also displayed his talents as an incredible drummer as well.

Here’s a flashback to 1966, with The Classics  and “Polyanna”