Cassettes on the comeback trail ?

Rockin’ The Airwaves Of WMCA Radio – 1958
May 18, 2021
He was ‘the wiz’ – Jimmy Wisner
May 18, 2021

In a day and age when the music listener just has to click their phone, computer or device of choice, to access their favorite tunes, in recent years another blast from the past has retuned, …the cassette tape.

As with those who are embracing vinyl records for the first time, curiosity has entered a new generation

with this niche, jamming out on their music in cassette form. But for us who first made our favorite ‘jam tapes,’ in the early 1970s, and enjoyed the portability of having our favorite music everywhere we went, the memories are endless. For this writer, it was especially the summer of 1975, that was most meaningful. 

At age eighteen, I just got my license, and my parents bought me a 1967 Chevy Biscayne. A stripped down version of the Impala, no V8 engine (a 6 cylinder), lean on the chrome body trim, and…. no radio! We’ll thanks for my local Sears store, as promptly I plonked down $29.95 for an under dash cassette deck. I immediately bought ten cassette blank tapes, quickly recording a few hundred of my most cherished oldies. Finally, on the day that deck was installed & box speakers seated on the backseat, by nightfall, I was cruising down the main drag of Hazleton PA. With windows down and music blaring, my girlfriend Debbie right next to me, it was the ultimate. Of course, the car is long gone, but I’ve managed to hang on to those cassette tapes. Oh, and I’ve hung on to Debbie too, we’re two golden oldies, who will celebrate our 46 th. wedding anniversary in November, as it’s the music that always keeps us young.