Answer Songs of The 1950s & 60s

Rockin’ The Airwaves of KLIF Radio – 1965
June 1, 2021
A voice in the background – Merry Clayton
June 1, 2021

As rock and roll got it’s feet wet in the late 1950’s, ‘answer songs’ became quite the rage, and among them, by 1960 when The Drifters pleaded to “Save The Last Dance For Me,” Damita Jo shouted back , “I’ll Save The Last Dance For You.” Even county artists jumped on the bandwagon, quite humorous in 1965 was Roger Miller’s “King Of The Road,” and as quickly, Jody Miller proclaimed she was the “Queen Of The House.”  Then, we had the artist who would ‘answer’ their own record, such as Lesley Gore who stated in 1963 “It’s My Party,” to come back and exclaim that it was now “Judy’s Turn To Cry.”

As much fun as answer songs, were parodies, as in the 1980’s we enjoyed a revival with Weird Al Yankovic, who took The Knack’s “My Sharona,” and repackaged it as “My Bologna,” and subsequent releases, including “Beat It” by Michael Jackson, in which Weird Al encouraged everyone to “Eat It.” For me, one of the funniest answer / parody classics, was in 1964, with The Detergents, who responded to The Shangri Las “Leader Of The Pack.” Let’s give a listen here… to “Leader Of The Laundromat”