1967 – those ‘summer of love’ reflections

God Bless Tulips & Tiny Tim
June 28, 2021
Music in the key of Liberty
June 30, 2021

Growing up as a pre-teen during the glorious year of 1967, it was a fascinating summer. Many things filled my world, hearing new lingo being used such as ‘psychedelic,’ ‘groovy,’ and ‘far out.’ Fashion was trending from England with the ‘Carnaby Street’ look being popular, and I made sure to follow the trend, sporting my flower power shirt, and striped pants. Most importantly, music was shifting gears to a more progressive, and free form sound, and FM radio began to spotlight it. But for us kids, still glued to the Top 40 on the AM band, it was sheer delight from The Doors “Light My Fire,” Jefferson Airplane “Somebody To Love,” and Scott Mc Kenzie, telling us all about the scene in “San Francisco.” And of course, we were advised by him, if we made the trek, be sure to wear flowers in our hair! All a part of the truly unforgettable, ‘summer of love,’