1964: exploring the first summer of Beatlemania

‘Dirty Dancing’ with The Contours
August 16, 2021
Rockin’ The Airwaves of WHB Radio
August 17, 2021

Growing up in Philadelphia, during the tidal wave of what was termed as ‘Beatlemania,’ I was a young lad of seven. After seeing THE BEATLES on The Ed Sullivan Show in February 1964, I was caught up in all the frenzy to come. My trips home from school involved daily stops to the candy store, trying to acquire a full set of Beatle bubble gum cards, and by summer the Fab 4 were on the movie screen in ‘A Hard Days Night.’ (with Capitol Records issuing the title track as a single, and later two more releases in quick succession, “And I Love Her,” and “I’ll Cry Instead.”)

During a promotion from Kodak film, to tie in with the movie, the E.J. Korvette Department store chain proclaimed, “… buy two rolls, get a free Beatle record!” Not passing that up, my Mom bought the film, and of course for me, it was a two sided smash “And I Love Her,” / “If I Fell,” with John, Paul, George & Ringo, soon blaring from my record player. Ah, memories so long ago in that glorious summer of 64.’